Winter Products Corrosion Inhibitor

Corrosion Inhibitor Approvals

winter products corrosion inhibitor

We are now into December and the requirement for the use of corrosion protection in winter products is evident by the sales and approvals. The market and environmental pressures mean that the need to minimise corrosion is very important. You can reduce maintenance and downtime by using a winter product containing a corrosion inhibitor. In addition, our winter products corrosion inhibitor products also improve equipment life, creating even more savings.

Brad-Chem has developed corrosion inhibitor packages to help manufacturers and formulators of winter products to gain product approvals in the following markets:

  • Maritime/Offshore
  • Road
  • Rail
  • Aviation
  • Bridges
  • Automotive

Winter Products Corrosion Inhibitor Technical Help

At Brad-Chem, we have our own technical department who are adept at working with customers to solve specific issues. Through such collaborations, we have been able to solve numerous problems that customers have experienced in gaining industry standard approvals, thus ensuring their long term success in their market areas. You can send your enquiry to our technical team using this form:

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Brad-Chem offers corrosion inhibitors for multi-metal winter product applications. Moreover, we can also offer a corrosion inhibitor for steel, as well as corrosion inhibitors for aluminium, magnesium alloys, copper and yellow metals.