Textile Dyeing, Bleaching and Processing

Multi-metal corrosion inhibitors that can be used to inhibit corrosion of metallic parts in textile washing, bleaching and dyeing applications.

Corrosion Control Additives

Brad-Chem 563

General purpose multi-metal inhibitor for water-based systems. Prevents corrosion of iron/steel, copper/brass and also staining/corrosion of aluminium. Contains no nitrite, boron, secondary amines or phosphorus compounds. Shows good hard water compatibility and low foaming. Furthermore, all components approved for incidental food contact applications and the formulation is readily biodegradable.

Brad-Tech 5060

Patented multi-metal corrosion inhibitor with good activity for a wide range of metals. Particularly effective for aluminium and aluminium alloys such as Al 7075, even at high pH. Recommended for aircraft cleaners and aluminium cutting fluids and for textiles cleaning and processing applications where metal components are included in the textile items.