Tacky additives for improving the tack properties of mineral oil, certain synthetic esters, vegetable oil based lubricants and lubricants for NSF H1 incidental food contact applications.

Antioxidants / Lubricant additive packages

Contac 2000

Very pale mobile liquid tacky additive with low viscosity and performance similar to Flowtac 2000. Components are approved for incidental food contact so suitable for manufacture of H-1 grade lubricants. Can be used for either food-grade or non-food grade applications.

Flowtac 2000

Oil-soluble tacky additive to provide superior performance over competitive products. A pale, mobile liquid which dissolves rapidly and has superior ‘clingability’ and ‘stringiness’ properties. High efficiency enables lower treat rates.


Tacky additive developed for use in the manufacture of biodegradable lubricants. Formulation is > 90% biodegradable by OECD 301B test. Suitable for use in rapeseed oil and other natural oils. Components are approved for incidental food contact applications.