Automotive lubricants

Additives, additive packages and VI improvers for manufacturing synthetic and mineral oil based gear, automatic transmission and engine oils for automotive applications.

Antioxidants / Lubricant additive packages

Brad-Chem 332

Liquid alkyl diphenylamine antioxidant. for mineral oil and synthetic basestocks. Particularly suitable for high temperature and chain oil applications but also gear oils, compressor oils and hydraulic oils. The product is approved for incidental food contact applications under CFR 21 Part 178.3570

Brad-Chem 339

Liquid blend of phenolic antioxidants designed for a wide range of basestocks. Particularly suitable for natural oils such as rapeseed oil, castor oil and unsaturated esters such as TMP oleate. Also siutable for mineral and synthetic base oils for engine oils, gear oils, compressor oils and hydraulic oils.

Lubricants / Base oils

Poly Alpha Olefins (PAO)

We supply the full range of low molecular weight PAO and high molecular weight m-PAO Group IV synthetic base oils. These products are perfect for manufacturers of synthetic engine oil, gear oil and long life compressor oil. Moreover, you can use them to make H1 incidental food contact high temperature chain oil.

Brad-Chem Esters

A selection of speciality and semi-commodity synthetic esters

Solid Lubricant Dispersions

Brad-Chem DP 3523

A molybdenum disulphide dispersion in mineral oil, which can reduce wear, improve efficiency and quieten internal combustion engines. It can be used in plain and roller bearings and slideways where stick slip is a problem. It can be used on high performance gearboxes and as a chain lubricant additive.

Brad-Chem DP 3217

A stable cost effective dispersion of molybdenum disulphide in mineral oil which can be used for internal combustion engine, bearings, slideway, high performance gearbox and chain oils.

Distributed Products