Agricultural-Forestry Machine Lubricants

Additive packages and tackifiers for the manufacture of lubricants for agricultural and forestry equipment and machines.

Antioxidants / Lubricant additive packages

Brad-Chem DP 3101

A specially formulated, multifunctional additive blend for the use in biodegradable vegetable oil lubricants, as well as mineral oil and synthetic ester based lubricants. The package incorporates a mixture of EP/AW additives, antioxidants and corrosion inhibtors. Use for vegetable oil based gear oils, hydraulic oils and compressor oils. For manufacturing vegetable oil based chain oils using this additive package, we recommend to add Biotac Brad-Chem DP 3101 also gives excellent results in Polyalkylene Glycols (PAGs).


Tacky additive developed for use in the manufacture of biodegradable lubricants. Formulation is > 90% biodegradable by OECD 301B test. Suitable for use in rapeseed oil and other natural oils. Components are approved for incidental food contact applications.

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