Korrosionshemmer für gelegentlichen Kontakt mit Lebensmitteln


Brad-Chem 535

Liquid, water-soluble benzotriazole solution. Contains no inorganics, secondary amines or formaldehyde. Components are approved for incidental food contact applications under CFR 21 part 178.3910. Used in the manufacture of cutting fluids, engine coolants, HFC fluids and other water or emulsion-based applications. Good for copper, brass and yellow metals corrosion inhibition.

Brad-Chem 563

General purpose multi-metal inhibitor for water-based systems. Prevents corrosion of iron/steel, copper/brass and also staining/corrosion of aluminium. Contains no nitrite, boron, secondary amines or phosphorus compounds. Shows good hard water compatibility and low foaming. Furthermore, all components approved for incidental food contact applications and the formulation is readily biodegradable.