Metalworking Fluids

Multi-metal corrosion inhibitors and copper / yellow metals passivators for use in metalworking fluids.

Corrosion Control Additives

Brad-Chem 535

Liquid, water-soluble benzotriazole solution. Contains no inorganics, secondary amines or formaldehyde. Components are approved for incidental food contact applications under CFR 21 part 178.3910. Used in the manufacture of cutting fluids, engine coolants, HFC fluids and other water or emulsion-based applications. Good for copper, brass and yellow metals corrosion inhibition.

Brad-Chem 563

General purpose multi-metal inhibitor for water-based systems. Prevents corrosion of iron/steel, copper/brass and also staining/corrosion of aluminium. Contains no nitrite, boron, secondary amines or phosphorus compounds. Shows good hard water compatibility and low foaming. Furthermore, all components approved for incidental food contact applications and the formulation is readily biodegradable.

Brad-Chem 583

Multimetal corrosion inhibitor for advanced light alloys and aerospace metals, designed to provide superior corrosion protection to aluminium, particularly at high pH, as well as ferrous and other non-ferrous metals. Also good for galvanised metals. This product also gives excellent in-can below the line corrosion inhibition for neutral to mildly alkaline solutions in aluminium and tin plate cans.

Brad-Chem 585

Multimetal corrosion inhibitor for advanced light alloys and aerospace metals.

Brad-Chem 587

Multimetal corrosion inhibitor for advanced light alloys and aerospace metals with particularly good corrosion inhibiion for aluminium alloys.

Brad-Chem 588

Highly advanced aqueous multimetal corrosion inhibitor for metalworking fluids (MWF). Also good for metal parts processing and washing applications. Based on the acids of Corfree M1. Brad-Chem 588 is a drop-in replacement for both Corfree M1 and the bases typically used to neutralise them. For cutting fluids formulated with non-formaldehyde releasing biocides, we offer bespoke versions with improved biocide stability.

Brad-Tech 5010

Patented multi-metal corrosion inhibitor with good activity for a wide range of metals. Particularly effective for aluminium and aluminium alloys such as Al 7075, even at high pH. Active components are soluble in water, oil and organic solvents. Recommended for aircraft cleaners and aluminium cutting fluids.