Industrial Cooling Water Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion inhibitors for use in formulating scale and corrosion inhibited water treatment additive packages for industrial cooling water.

Corrosion Control Additives

Brad-Chem 537

General purpose multi-metal inhibitor for water-based systems. Prevents corrosion of iron/steel, copper/brass and staining/corrosion of aluminium. Contains no nitrite, boron, secondary amines or phosphorus compounds. Shows good hard water compatibility and low foaming. Components are approved for incidental food contact applications and the formulation is readily biodegradable.

Brad-Chem 591

A filming amine type liquid multi-metal, multi-acid corrosion inhibitor formulation, suitable for a range of acid cleaning, water treatment and pipeline applications.

Brad-Tech 6030

Patented multi-metal acid corrosion inhibitor with good activity for iron/steel, aluminium and yellow metals in a range of acidic systems at low pH.

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