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Nyco Speciality Performance Esters

NYCOBASE esters can be used for: automotive applications such as:

4-stroke gasoline and diesel engine oils Transmission oils 2-stroke air-cooled and marine outboard engine oils

and industrial applications such as :

  • compressor oils
  • high performance grease
  • high temperature fluids
  • hydraulic fluids
  • industrial gear and circulation fluids
  • metalworking fluids
  • dielectric fluids
  • textile fluids

Nyco is an independent company formed in 1929. It specialises in the development, manufacture and sales of lubricants for military, civil aviation, automotive and industrial applications. Products are exported to over 70 countries with 80% of turnover through exports.

Nyco has created a full range of synthetic ester basestocks under the name NYCOBASE. It includes:

  • Monoesters
  • Di-esters
  • Glycol esters
  • Neopolyol esters
  • Complex esters

These have been developed both for use as primary base fluid or as part of a multi-component high performance lubricant formulation. They provide thermal stability, lubricity, biodegradability, low-toxicity, versalility and compatibility.