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BRB International Viscosity Modifiers and Mineral Oil Additive Packages

Mineral Oil Additive Packages

A range of additive packages is available for industrial oils which meet OEM and international standards.

Hydraulic Oil Additives

Petrolad 1846, an ashless, high performance multi-functional additive package, meets internationally recognised specifications, e.g. DIN 51524 Parts 1, 2 and 3 (hydraulics), General Motors, Denison, Vickers, Cincinnati. Petrolad 1846 is also suitable for compressor oils (DIN 51506) and many other industrial applications.

Industrial Gear Oil Additives

Petrolad 336 is used under diverse operating conditions in automotive (GL 4 and GL 5) and industrial gear oils (US Steel 224). The product provides extreme pressure performance, corrosion and oxidation resistance and offers unique features including very low odour and phosphorus content while meeting all other specified requirements, without the need for an additional limited slip package.

Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF)

Petrolad 743Nis a multi-purpose low ash additive package that enables formulation of automatic transmission fluids (ATF) that meet the requirements of automotive transmissions and power steering fluids. Petrolad 743Nis specifically designed to formulate automatic transmission fluids that live up to the standards of Dexron III H (General Motors) and MERCON (Ford).

Tractor Oils / Transmission and Drive Train Oils

Petrolad 753 is an additive designed to formulate Transmission and Drive Train Oils (TDTO). Petrolad 753 is used to formulate automatic transmission lubricants with outstanding static friction performance. In addition to powershift transmission, Petrolad 753 also meets final drive and hydraulic system specifications.

Petrolad 8363 is designed to formulate Universal Tractor and Transmission Oils (UTTO). It can be used for off-highway applications in agricultural, industrial and construction equipment. Besides the UTTO applications, Petrolad 8363 can also be used to formulate non-farm applications that have wet brakes, power shift transmissions and hydraulics.

Viscosity Modifiers

Viscosity Modifiers or Viscosity Index (VI) Improvers are a class of additives that improve the viscosity-temperature characteristics of the lubricant, making the oil’s viscosity more stable as temperature changes.

VISCOTECH products give maximum flexibility by maintaining visometric performance while reducing the need for special, costly basestocks. Features are:

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Shear stability and resistance to oxidative and chemical attack
  • Excellent low temperature performance
  • Broad stay-in-grade spectrum
  • Improved viscosity behaviour

VISCOTECH products are available in liquid form, e.g. Viscotech 6540L, or as a solid polymer, with a variety of SSI, e.g. 22, 35 and 52 SSI.