The Standard for Oil Tackifiers

Comparing Oil Tackifiers

Comparing oil tackifiers was very hit and miss, prior to Brad-Chem entering into the market. When we developed our UK market-leading product Flowtac 2000, we devised new test methods to prove the performance. This product continues to gain approvals and aficionados worldwide. For many lubricant blenders, testing comprised dipping gloved fingers into tacky additized oil and visually comparing the stringiness of the oil. This method was hardly scientific and was inconsistent at best.

Oil tackifiers such as Flowtac 2000 makes oil stick oil to chains, slideways, open gears and moving parts. Sticking the oil to the parts reduces loss of lubricant by dripping or fling-offOil tackifiers poured into engine gears

The Brad-Chem technical department devised reproducible tests to determine the increase in oil retention on a rotating spindle that results from adding an oil tackifier to the oil. In this way, it was finally possible to reliably compare tackifying power of competing oil tackifiers, with good reproducibility of results.

Brad-Chem Oil Tackifiers

Brad-Chem Ltd offers its UK market leading product Flowtac 2000 for mineral oil based applications. Our “clingability” and “stringability” tests consistently show that this product users can halve the treat rate compared to that of leading competitors. Furthermore, as its name implies, another major advantage of Flowtac 2000 is that it is less viscous than many competitor products. Moreover, due to the lower viscosity, blenders find that it is easier to handle. Consequently, many blenders can use a pump to transfer Flowtac 2000.

Alternatively, we offer Contac 2000 for HX-1 incidental food contact applications. Contac 2000 is based on the same technology as Flowtac 2000. This product gives identical tacky performance, with the additional advantage that all components are NSF approved for incidental food contact applications.

Vegetable Oil Tackifier

Some lubricant manufacturers use Vegetable oils, such as rapeseed oil, to manufacture industrial lubricants. These oils are kinder to the environment than mineral oil. Brad-Chem offers Biotac oil tackifier for rapeseed and other vegetable oil based lubricants.