Supply Chain Management

Brad-Chem Ltd values and prioritises supply chain management, developing strong, long-term relationships with raw materials suppliers. We understand the importance of forward planning, both in times of market stability, and through global upheaval. Furthermore, we work with our customers in order to plan for expected demand.

In recent years, we have seen unprecedented changes in the chemical industry. For example, we have seen significant periods of factory shutdowns, globally, and rapid changes in international trading relations. Meanwhile, many regions have implemented complex new regulatory environments and import/export procedures. Successful manufacturers and suppliers use supply chain management strategies in order to navigate these currents and eddies.

Throughout these changes we have continued to ensure that we have material available to satisfy known demand. Additionally, where no forecast information is available, we strive, where possible, to provide accurate lead times to customers. Our suppliers and our customers provide us with feedback that informs our planning process. Together, we maintain excellent supply continuity through periods of stability, and rapid change.


Brad-Chem aims to be your reliable supply chain partner. We develop, manufacture and supply corrosion inhibitors, lubricant additive packages, and solid lubricant dispersions. Additionally, we offer excellent technical support and can work with you to develop solutions for your applications.

Our supply chain management ensures that we have great continuity of supply, and consistent, high-quality product. Furthermore, since our raw materials are at least dual approved source, we can generally supply in even the most challenging market conditions.

In addition to our own manufacture, we also distribute for BRB International BV, Climax Molybdenum Company, Kemat BV, and Nyco. We work with our principals to ensure that we have stocks to cover customer forecast demand. Moreover, we offer distribution product ranges that complement and supplement our own manufacture ranges. Correspondingly, we are able to offer products for a wide range of fluid types, industry sectors, and applications.

Brad-Chem supply worldwide, either directly, or through our network of distributors. This means that overseas customers are able to access commercial support with local knowledge. Working with you through our distributors to obtain good forecast information, we can be an essential part of your successful supply chain management.


We place emphasis on quality in all of our operations. Specifically, we value consistent high-quality product, on-time delivery, clear communication, UN approved packaging and correct delivery paperwork. We understand that good supply chain management for quality raw materials, IT, calibration, and transport services is key to our business goals.

Additionally, our technical team continually innovate, developing new products to solve new challenges in our industry. For example, we have developed corrosion inhibition solutions for antifreeze/heat transfer fluids, brake fluids, and aerospace and automotive winter products. We work with many customers by developing the best additives for their fluid formulations.

As a result of our emphasis on quality in everything we do, we have long-standing great relationships with our suppliers and customers. Moreover, the feedback we receive from our customers and suppliers informs our own planning and supply chain management. Thanks to their efforts, we continue to maintain high quality product supply through all global market conditions.

Further information on our product ranges is available here.