Commericial Director Appointed

New Commercial Director, Lee Morrison joined our team at Brad-Chem at the beginning of August 2022. Formerly of BASF, Lee brings with him more than 15 years of experience working in the fuels, lubricants, and plastics additives and paper chemicals markets. Appropriately, therefore, in his new role, he will focus on sales strategy and developing sales in new business sectors.

Brad-Chem additives enjoy a strong reputation in the lubricants, metal finishing, industrial & aerospace cleaning industries, and the automotive aftermarket. Moreover, we develop and manufacture corrosion inhibitors for diverse applications in which metals remain in contact with water. Additionally, some of our additives are used in both the lubricants and Plastics industry. Accordingly, Lee’s knowledge and experience of these markets will significantly enhance our profile.

Chris Brady, Managing Director of Brad-Chem said: “We are delighted to welcome Lee Morrison to Brad-Chem Ltd as our Commercial Director. Lee has been in the industry for over 15 years and will bring a new dimension to Brad-Chem to support our continued growth.”


For more than 30 years, Brad-Chem has continually grown and developed new products and new markets. We have achieved significant organic growth through a combination of sales visits, word of mouth, promotional literature and digital marketing. Furthermore, we have expanded our customer base in Europe, Asia, and worldwide through our distributor network.

Following the appointment of our new commercial director, we will pursue a more focused and proactive growth strategy. Explicitly, through increased oversight across sales, customer relations, and raw materials purchasing, we intend to offer even better value propositions. Indeed, we believe that the new appointment will deliver many benefits for all of our customers.


Brad-Chem manufactures and supplies additives and additive packages to manufacturers of lubricants & cleaning products. As such, we occupy the position of a business-to-business supplier. Furthermore, we do not, typically, supply to end user markets. Correspondingly, in order to ensure our visibility to potential customers, we must prioritise face to face meetings and networking.

The new appointment means that we will be able to better service our existing customers and to raise our profile. In this way, we are sure that we will achieve greater visibility of our presence in the markets.

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