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Brad-Chem worldwide international product sales

In support of our ever-increasing international export business, we have recently added translations of our website into French, German, Italian and Spanish, in addition to the existing English language pages.

The addition of translated pages is part of our move towards increased support for our international customers. Additionally, we have added distributor information in order to direct customers from overseas towards our local representative in their regions. Our distributors have excellent local knowledge of and are highly specialised in our industry market areas.

We selected these additional languages in order to facilitate improved communication to the largest possible range of customers in the main regions in which Brad-Chem ltd is active.

If you are unable to find our distributor for your region, please contact us either through the website contact form or on +44 (0)1942 261 024 for further assistance.


Brad-Chem manufactures corrosion inhibitors for water and water/glycol based fluids, additive packages for the manufacture of speciality industrial lubricants, oil tackifiers, and solid lubricant dispersions. We market and sell these products internationally under our Brad-Chem and Brad-Tech brand names.

Manufacturers of industrial cleaning formulations, metal working fluids, winter products and heat transfer fluids use Brad-Chem corrosion inhibitors worldwide, for applications ranging from antifreeze/engine coolants to textile processing. We supply speciality industrial lubricant additive packages and dispersions to blenders and we have membership of the United Kingdom Lubricants Association (UKLA) and Chemicals North West.

Additionally, in the United Kingdom, we distribute for BRB International BV, Climax Molybdenum and Nyco (Synthetic esters and speciality lubricants). The product ranges of these three principals perfectly compliment our own manufacture product ranges. Additionally, through our highly skilled and knowledgeable technical team, we provide excellent technical support for all of the products that we supply.