Brad-Chem 583 in-can corrosion inhibitor


Aerosol manufacturers and suppliers often find that water based products cause in-can corrosion in the cans during long term storage. Often, suppliers only discover this issue when some of the cans develop holes and start leaking.

Usually, the problem of leakage is limited to a small number of cans from any given batch of product. However, suppliers can sustain reputation damage when this type of corrosion happens in a can that has been sent to a customer.

Light alloys are those that contain the less dense metals such as aluminium and magnesium. Typically, vehicle applications use these alloys to reduce the weight and increase fuel efficiency. Moreover, aerospace applications frequently use these types of alloys.

Corrosion of vehicles and, in particular, aeroplanes can have serious safety implications for passengers. It is, therefore, of the utmost importance to inhibit corrosion of light alloys in these applications.


Brad-Chem 583 is a corrosion inhibitor for advanced light alloys and for in-can corrosion.

This inhibitor can be used for in-can corrosion inhibition, or for Rail, Automotive and Aerospace applications where water is in contact with metal. For example, Brad-Chem 583 is a component for aeroplane cleaner or for train cleaning products. This product also gives excellent protection against aluminium staining in cast aluminium parts washing and impregnation.

Brad-Chem 583 also gives multi-metal protection for iron, steel, copper and yellow metals. For in-can applications, this product is very good for aluminium cans and also for tin-plate. All of the components of Brad-Chem 583 are FDA approved for incidental food contact.

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