Manufacturers who use machinery driven by chains that operate at high temperature can increase throughput by improving cycle times, reducing downtime, or adding more production lines. Usually, the requirement to increase throughput arises because of an increase in demand. Moreover, producers can not always establish if the increase is a spike or a sustainable market growth.

Reducing cycle times is possible if machinery can run faster without loss of process integrity. This is achievable if the product does not need to remain in the oven for longer periods, or if it is safe and advantageous for operatives to increase the temperature. To run the chains faster, manufacturers must use a lower viscosity chain oil and, usually, there is a lower viscosity limit, below which the lubricant film breaks catastrophically

In order to reduce downtime, operators need to increase the service life interval between stoppages for maintenance of the chain and the lubricant. This can be achieved by careful operation and by selecting a superior high temperature chain lubricant that will give a longer interval between stoppages for service and maintenance.

high temperature oven chain


Typically, a chain oil designed for use at elevated temperatures consists of a thermo-oxidation resistant base oil and, most important of all, a high temperature lubricant additive package.

Good examples of base oils include synthetic esters, poly alpha olefins, and silicone oils. Brad-Chem 336 is an example of a typical additive package; however, Brad-Chem have developed several speciality packages for this application, including H1 incidental food contact,additive packages H2 packages and higher temperature and longer service life packages.

The technology in this field has developed rapidly in recent years and Brad-Chem is at the forefront of new innovations. We have developed ranges of food grade and top tier synthetic ester based lubricants or private label with superior combinations of properties.

In the course of these developments, we have also developed our technical expertise in this area. Furthermore, there is no single solution for all applications [1]; it is vital to tailor the selection of additive package and base oil to the specific application and conditions.

We can offer the Nycobase esters, additive packages, and, also, fully formulated blends for private label. Contact us for further information on our high temperature lubricant additive packages, base oils, and lubricants.