Food contact approvals

We have recently obtained incidental food contact approval for Brad-Chem 552, which is one of our anti-freeze/engine coolant/heat transfer fluids and cleaning product applications multi-metal corrosion inhibitor packages.

Brad-Chem 552 now has the following additive approvals for incidental food contact:

AX – cleaning fluids multi-metal corrosion inhibitor additive

GX – boiler water treatment additive

HTX – heat transfer fluids additive

Brad-Chem Ltd works with customers to assist with applications for incidental food contact and we offer a number of other products that are used in H1 and H2 lubricants.

Brad-Chem 346 is a HX-1 approved additive package that can be used to manufacture H1 approved synthetic and white oil based lubricants for compressor oil, hydraulic oil and gear oil applications.

Contac 2000 is a tackifier used in H1 lubricants.

We can also offer synthetic base oil additives and Nyco food grade esters for H1 and H2 applications.