Maintenance engineers, industrial cleaners, and high pressure water cleaners frequently encounter flash rust corrosion as rinse water dries on recently cleaned equipment.

Industrial cleaning can mean large scale plant cleaning, commercial premises maintenance or cleaning of industrial equipment. Very often, industrial cleaners use water (or water/sand) at high pressure to clean plant equipment in industrial facilities. Automotive parts washing and impregnation and turbine cleaning are examples of industrial equipment cleaning.

In plant cleaning and parts washing / impregnation operations, operatives usually leave the rinse water on the surface to dry by evaporation. While the surface water dries it causes flash rusting on metal parts.

In aluminium parts washing and cleaning, water at elevated temperatures causes staining or bronzing corrosion during the rinsing. Many operatives observe this type of corrosion during parts washing and impregnation to prevent leakage from pores in cast aluminium parts.


Brad-Chem 563 is a multimetal corrosion inhibitor for use traffic film removers (TFR), industrial cleaning, flash rust, parts washing & impregnation, turbine cleaning, and textile washing, dyeing & bleaching applications.

Brad-Chem 563 flash rust inhibitor

Brad-Chem 563 is an excellent flash rust corrosion inhibitor. This corrosion inhibitor also gives great results for aluminium staining and bronzing. Increasingly, eco-blasters and other high pressure water cleaners use Brad-Chem 563 to prevent flash rusting for industrial cleaning.

Due to its versatility, low treat rate, and ready biodegradability, pressure testers also use Brad-Chem 563 for high pressure testing of tanks and pipework. Similarly, many other industries, including some highly specialised industries, are able to use Brad-Chem 563, due to these same properties. Certain types of deicing and winterization products use Brad-Chem 563 to prevent corrosion in use. Textile processing industries also use Brad-Chem 563 to protect metal components, such as zips and buttons.

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