Brad-Chem Ltd has developed a new EU Ecolabel compliant lubricant additive package. Add Brad-Chem 353 to rapeseed oil, synthetic esters, PAOs and other biodegradable base oils to make lubricants and greases. We recommend this product for the manufacture of industrial lubricants such as gear oil, hydraulic oils, and chain oils, etc.

Ecolabel Oil poured into engine gears

Brad-Chem develops and manufactures speciality lubricant additive packages for supply to specialist lubricant blenders worldwide.

The Ecolabel is a voluntary scheme established in 1982 that producers can use to show that a product meets a Europe-wide environmental standard.

As the distributor for Nyco Esters, Brad-Chem can also supply compliant base oils. Simply add our liquid, easy to handle additive package to the base oil and blend to make the lubricant.

All components are also compliant with Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL) for marine applications.


Despite the growth in consumer demand for more eco-friendly products, marketing claims about green credentials are often worded with subtle differences from one manufacturer to the next. These nuances, although small, can sometimes mean very different things.

Research indicates that consumers care about the quality and validity of the information that they receive regarding the environmental impact of their product choices. Studies also suggest that the existence of too many schemes and some poorly regulated labelling schemes causes confusion and reduces trust [1].

The European Ecolabel scheme easily identifies lubricants made with components vetted for environmental acceptability. This presence of this label also means that the manufacturer has determined the biodegradability and bioaccumulation potential of the product. This information can assist consumer choices.

The advantages for manufacturers are that Brad-Chem 353 is a liquid, easy to handle, and well balanced additive package that lubricant blenders can add to a suitable base oil to make a range of lubricating oils.


The new product launches on 7th March 2017, and technical data sheets, material safety data sheets are available on request. Telephone +44 (0) 1942 261024 and ask for technical if further details are required.

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