corrosion inhibitors uk

Brad-Chem offer an unrivalled range of water-based corrosion inhibitors to the UK and International markets. Additionally, we also manufacture oil based corrosion inhibitors for UK and overseas lubricants producers.

Many industries in the UK use water-based corrosion inhibitors. Furthermore, they have very diverse uses for these products. As a result of the wide range of uses, different industries require different performances and compatibilities. This is why Brad-Chem Ltd develops and manufactures such a large range of general purpose, speciality, and bespoke corrosion inhibitors.

Beyond the UK market, we achieve strong sales of our corrosion inhibitors in many countries worldwide. In fact, we offer multi-metal protection in any application in which water contacts metal surfaces, either directly or as water entrained in a different fluid.


The following industries use corrosion inhibitors in their functional fluids in the UK:

  • Industrial cleaners use water and, sometimes, detergents to clean equipment and parts.
  • Many cleaning operations use either polar or non-polar solvents that contain or entrain water.
  • Metal finishing industries often use aqueous acids to clean metals.
  • The engineering sector, and metals cutting, machining and CNC machining use coolants and cutting oils that either contain or entrain water.
  • Lubricant oil manufacturers need to protect metals against corrosion by entrained water in their base oils.
  • Manufacturers of winter products add corrosion inhibitors to anti-icing, deicer, and antifreeze.
  • The automotive industry use Vapour Phase corrosion inhibitors (VCI) to protect parts in storage and transit.
  • Pressure testers need to protect metal vessels from corrosion by their pressure testing fluids
  • Beyond the UK market, many customers use our corrosion inhibitors for the same application types. However, some overseas users have unique applications related to their local resources. Moreover they find region specific applications, such as in mining, alloying, and conservation of fresh water versus the availability of sea water for certain cleaning applications.

    Additionally, some industries in the UK and beyond require products for preventing rust in the solid phase in coatings. Some users refer to rust preventatives as corrosion inhibitors. Furthermore, the paints industry requires corrosion inhibitors that can protect when the paint is in the liquid phase and also when it has dried to a solid. Brad-Chem focuses on markets where the metal is in prolonged contact in with liquids, rather than coatings uses.


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