Brad-Chem Ltd manufactures corrosion inhibitors, speciality lubricant additive packages and solid lubricant dispersions. We also distribute for Climax Molybdenum, Nyco and BRB International. The product ranges that we supply from these principals compliment and complete the solutions that Brad-Chem can offer to the lubricant manufacturing, forging, forming, and metal cleaning industries.


BRB International BV manufacture lubricant additive packages for driveline/automotive, off-road/agricultural and mining applications, and viscosity index improvers / viscosity modifiers. BRB have been gaining customer approvals for their low sulphur automotive gear oil package Petrolad 336; this product can provide limited slip without the need for a separate limited slip package. The automatic transmission fluid (ATF) additive package Petrolad 743N can be used at lower treat rates than some of the leading competitors for similar or better performance standards. Petrolad 8363 is a UTTO tractor oil additive with excellent wet braking performance. We also supply PCMO and HDDO cascade packages and shear stable VI improvers for a wide range of applications.


Climax Molybdenum manufactures the highest quality molybdenum products in the world. Molybdenum disulphide is a solid lubricant and we are able to supply in a range of particle sizes. Molybdates are used as corrosion inhibitors, catalysts, mineral supplements, and fertilizer components. For many of these applications, the use of consistent high quality molybdate is of paramount importance since the consequences associated with product quality issues are expensive and quite often disastrous and many of the grades available elsewhere are not suitable for some of the applications. As the distributor for Climax Molybdenum, Brad-Chem Ltd supplies the highest and most consistent quality sodium molybdate, ammonium dimolybdate, ammonium heptamolybdate, and molybdic oxide for all of your catalyst, fertilizer, mineral supplements, and corrosion inhibitor requirements.


Nyco manufactures speciality synthetic esters and synthetic ester based lubricants and greases for a wide range of industrial applications. The advanced technologies of Nyco products and the level of technical support that Brad-Chem and Nyco can offer to customers make them the perfect partner for specialist lubricant blenders. Nyco’s Green range are high performance speciality esters and lubricants with a very high level of biodegradability and responsibly sourced renewable carbon, with many products listed on the Lubricant Substances Classification (LuSC) list. Nyco also offer very advanced high temperature thermally stable esters and lubricants for a number of applications including high temperature chains and HFDU fluids, and food grade esters with NSF HX-1 / H1 approvals.