Brad-Chem Gears Up Production for Winterization

Lubricant Additives and Corrosion inhibitors

Brad-Chem Ltd is one of the UK’s largest independent lubricant additives and corrosion inhibitors manufacturers and suppliers. In recent years, Brad-Chem has achieved year-on-year increases in the number of industry standard testing approvals for its additives in low temperature and winter products.

Winter Products

Cold weather presents challenges for fluid performance, particularly for heat transfer and water based fluids, where thickening or freezing can occur, and also in automotive applications in which antifreeze properties are required for the engine coolants. Melt water from snow, ice and frost can also cause corrosion problems on roadside and trackside equipment. Brad-Chem works with customers to offer winterization and low temperature solutions for corrosion inhibition / rust prevention and low temperature lubrication solutions with the greatest efficacy and the minimal environmental impact. Contact us for more information on our winterization solutions.