Additive Packages For Biodegradable Lubricants

Additives for Biodegradable Lubricants

Brad-Chem Ltd develops and manufactures lubricant additive packages that can be added to suitable base oils in order to make biodegradable industrial oils, such as hydraulic oils, compressor oils, gear oils, and chain oils. We continue to develop new and innovative lubricant additive packages for biodegradable and biorenewable oils, and we have now developed an all-biodegrdable, low toxicity labelling additive package for biodegradable and biorenewable base oils for total loss applications.

In addition to our additives, we also distribute Nyco Synthetic Esters. The Nyco esters range includes many esters that are biodegradable and non-toxic, many of which enable lubricant blenders to comply with the European Ecolabel and the LuSC list. A lot of the Nyco esters also have a significant proportion of their total carbon content coming from renewable sources.

For incidental food contact applications we can offer Brad-Chem HX-1 lubricant additive packages that can be added to suitable H1 or HX-1 approved base oils to produce biodegradable lubricants for incidental food contact.

Additives for Biorenewable Oils

Biodegradable vegetable oil lubricants containing Brad-Chem additives

Biorenewable oils are lubricant base oils of recent biological origin; they are distinguished from biobased material in that they are naturally occurring and 100% of their carbon is from biorenewable sources. The main biorenewable base oils are vegetable oils. Brad-Chem manufactures lubricant additive packages specifically designed for the challenges of using biorenewable base oils to manufacture industrial lubricants that perform.

Further information on our existing lubricant additive package offering for making industrial lubricants from biorenewable base oils can be found here and details of our oil tackifier Biotac for biorenewable vegetable base oils are available here. You can also contact us for further information, technical data, material safety data sheets (MSDS) and samples.

In addition to our existing offering, we have developed a new, all-biodegradable lubricant additive package for ecofriendly, biorenewable base oils to make lubricants for total loss applications. Contact us for further information.

Additive packages for biorenewable and biodegradable industrial oils continues to be a strong focus of our research and development and we are working to produce innovative industrial lubricants based on these base oil types.