Metal finishers, galvanisers, and manufacturers of pickling acid and acid based cleaners use acids for acid rust removal, and for removing metal oxides, and scale from metal surfaces. Acids react with insoluble rust and other metal oxides, which are bases, to form soluble salts that are removed with rinsing. However, acids also react with and dissolve the underlying metal surface. This causes further corrosion.

In order to control or reduce acid corrosion, manufacturers of metal pickling acids can add an acid corrosion inhibitor.

The ideal acid corrosion inhibitor should minimise corrosionby the acid without affecting its ability to remove dissolve the rust and scale. Furthermore, the ideal inhibitor should also have as low toxicity and as low environmental impact as possible.

Many acid CIs perform well in some acids, but have limited corrosion inhibitor efficiency in others; this presents challenges for the metal pickling & metal finishing industries.

Moreover, many commercially available acid corrosion inhibitors are harmful to human health or to the environment or both. Many acid cleaning product formulators and metal finishers use corrosion inhibitors that contain formaldehyde or produce formaldehyde in acids. Formaldehyde is the subject of increasing regulatory scrutiny worldwide, due to carcinogenic and skin sensitizing properties


Brad-Chem 593 is primarily used as a corrosion inhibitor in the following acids:

  1. Sulphuric acid
  2. Phosphoric acid
  3. Sulphamic acid
  4. Hydrochloric acid
  5. Citric acid
  6. Tartaric acid

It is a highly efficient multi-acid, multi-metal corrosion inhibitor for use in metal pickling, acid rust removal, and acid cleaning applications.

Brad-Chem 593 protects metal surfaces from acid corrosion without adversely affecting acid rust rust removal in acid cleaning, acid pickling and automotive wheel cleaners.

acid rust removal

In addition to providing excellent corrosion inhibition efficiency, Brad-Chem 593 is low foaming. It als has low toxicity, low environmental hazard relative to many other products available elsewhere for these applications. Brad-Chem 593 and is an easy to handle, acid soluble, liquid product. Crucially, Brad-Chem 593 contains neither formaldehyde nor any components that form formaldehyde under acidic conditions.

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