acid inhibitor

Brad-Chem manufactures acid inhibitors for the domestic UK and worldwide export markets. Customers for these products manufacture industrial chemical products for a varied range of sectors, from pickling acids to aerospace consumables. As the result of this diversity, our customers require from us a focused and expanding range of acid corrosion control products. Accordingly, Brad-Chem continues to invest in R&D in this area, expanding our range of acid corrosion inhibitors

The most significant volume users of acid inhibitors work in these sectors:

  • Energy
  • Metals
  • Cleaning
  • Coatings
  • Chemicals
  • Engineering & plant maintenance

Within those sectors, operatives use acids for processes related to rust removal, cleaning, paint stripping, and surface preparation. However, despite the similar goals of removing unwanted materials from surfaces, operatives’ inhibitor requirements vary. For example, energy operatives need to passivate pipeline surfaces during and after an acid flush; whereas, aerospace paint strippers demand exacting approvals. Additionally, several big players have stopped supplying acid inhibitors into some markets due to regulatory considerations.

Clearly, therefore, different industries require a range of alternatives to suit their applications and to replace legacy products. Furthermore, in recent times, many manufacturers face many raw material supply chain issues. For this reason, expanding the range of approved products ensures greater flexibility of supply.


At Brad-Chem, we regularly work with customers to develop solutions to new industry challenges. Our technical team represents 30% of our workforce. Moreover, we continue to innovate and develop new products through our R&D efforts. Correspondingly, we remain at the forefront of new corrosion control technologies, even as new advances create new opportunities.

In recent times, we have focused much of our R&D investment has on acid inhibitors. Due to new and more stringent regulatory demands, we are finding that this market is rapidly changing. Indeed, our commitment to developing products with the best possible environmental and health profile means that we excel in such regulatory frameworks.

Similarly, when supply chain issues arise, we employ our flexibility to great advantage. For example, we have tested and co-approved alternative raw material streams for some of our acid inhibitor types. Consequently, in the event of some key raw material shortages, we can now offer our customers alternative versions, without loss of efficacy. All things considered we see continual innovation as essential, both for remaining at the cutting edge, and for future-proofing


We offer acid inhibitors for most commonly used acid types, with the exception of nitric acid and nitrating systems. Whatever your application, our experienced technical team can assist with practical advice and product recommendations.

For further information on our acid inhibitors, contact us, or contact our distributor in your region.