Distribution contributes significantly to our activities and sustainability strategy. Primarily, we supply to the lubricant industry, industrial cleaning, and automotive fluids markets. Moreover, our distribution products complement our own manufacture and complete our offering.

Distribution BRB InternationalBRB International, headquartered in the Netherlands, offers viscosity modifiers and lubricant additive packages for driveline and off-road applications. We offer our own manufacture products for speciality industrial lubricants, such as high temperature and incidental food contact. As a result of our distribution agreement with BRB, we are able to service both the speciality industrial and the automotive, agricultural and mining lubricants markets.

Distribution Climax LogoClimax Molybdenum has an unrivalled reputation for highest quality molybdenum disulphide, pure molybdic oxide, and molybdates. Not only do we distribute their products; but, also, we use them in our own manufacture. This ensures that we achieve consistent excellence in our manufacturing of molybdenum disulphide solid lubricant dispersions. Water treatment applications use molybdate chemicals as corrosion inhibitors and speciality chemical producers use them as catalysts. Their inclusion in our offering completes our range of corrosion inhibitors.

Distribution Nyco LogoNyco manufacture speciality synthetic esters for the lubricant and associated markets. Furthermore, they have developed a unique and advanced offering due to their roots in the precision aviation and aerospace lubricant field. Their Nyco Green products focus on environmentally acceptable finished lubricants, and eco-friendly ester base oils. Alongside our distribution of these products, we also use Nyco esters in some of our own manufacture products.


Brad-Chem develops and manufactures formulated packages and products. Through our formulary experience in similar applications to those of our principals, we thoroughly understand our distribution product ranges. As a result we provide excellent technical support.

We manufacture speciality products using many of our principals’ products as raw materials. We value and prioritise high quality and consistent supply above all in our raw materials supply chain. Correspondingly, we choose supply partners and principals that maintain excellence in their quality and support. This means that you can rely on our product quality, supply security, and commercial and technical support.

We have on-site warehousing and we hold local stock of many of our distribution products. For products that we don’t regularly use or supply, we can retain stock if advance forecast information is available. This means that we can reduce or eliminate lead times and ensure supply chain continuity.

We have designed our own lubricant additive packages specifically for manufacturing synthetic lubricants. In addition to our Group V synthetic ester base oils from Nyco , we also offer a complete range of Group V poly isobutylenes (PIB) and Group IV PAOs. Since all of these products are liquid, lubricant blenders can simply mix our additives with our base oils to make finished lubricants.

For more information on our distribution or own manufacture products, contact us.