reliable continuity of supply

Successful lubricant blenders and Industrial cleaning companies need excellent continuity of supply of raw materials. Moreover, suppliers who can demonstrate great quality, reliability, and ability to supply at all times can form great long-standing customer relationships.

Quality is imperative in any trustworthy supply chain. Furthermore, it doesn’t stop at ensuring product quality. The best suppliers ensure the highest quality is extended through all of their processes from receipt of an enquiry through to after care.

Purchasers evaluate suppliers using several factors, including price, product specification, quality, and continuity of supply. Additionally, they have different selection criteria for suppliers of speciality and commodity materials. For instance, if many suppliers are offering the same specification of high volume commodity raw material, price and availability are paramount. By contrast, there are fewer suppliers for any given speciality and, therefore, quality and continuity of supply are primary motivations.

Consequently, while purchasers will often change suppliers for commodities, they prefer to retain the same suppliers for speciality additives. In order to do so, they must find a supplier upon whom they can rely. A speciality additives supplier who can maintain consistent supply of consistent quality material on the agreed dates is most valuable.


Brad-Chem prioritizes the utmost high quality throughout our operations. This encompasses:

  • Technical and commercial support with enquiries
  • Samples
  • Order processing
  • Product quality
  • Continuity of supply
  • On time delivery
  • Delivery and product documentation
  • After sales support

Our commitment to maintaining the highest quality throughout our processes contributes to our excellent reputation in the industry. As a result, we continue to maintain very long-term and ongoing relationships with our customers. Moreover, we greatly appreciate and value the loyalty of our customers .

As part of our commitment to ensuring that we deliver continuity of supply, we have assessed and mitigated the possible impacts of Brexit. Specifically, based on our assessment, we have developed strategies for any foreseeable eventualities. Consequently, we are confident that we will maintain continuity of supply to all of our customers in the UK, Europe, and worldwide.

See our product ranges for details of our anti-corrosion and lubricant additives.