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Chemical laboratory researchers, and lubricant and cleaning product developers test

generally follow similar work flows. Firstly, they identify a market need and then they determine a solution. If they don’t know if an existing product would answer the new requirement, they devise laboratory tests to find out. Moreover, if no solution is currently available, they determine if it is feasible to develop a new product to solve the new need.

Developing a new speciality lubricant, metalworking fluid, brake fluid, or cleaning chemical also follows a set pattern. First, the developers identify candidate ingredients through either knowledge of prior art or screening test results. Secondly, they combine promising ingredients into several judiciously predetermined candidate formulations. They then devise and carry out a full testing program to identify the best performing formulations. Based on the results of this testing, they then either attempt to refine the formulations and retest, or release the new product.

Due to limited resources or a lack of available guidelines on some types of test, lab chemists sometimes have to outsource some tests. External testing houses can test products against published international standards. Furthermore, they can often help with chemical identification and more academic research. However, for non-standardized tests that mimic real world conditions, it is sometimes better to develop and use proprietary test methods.

Here at Brad-Chem, we have many years of technical development experience across various industry sectors. We have developed our own test methods that can be developed to match the conditions in which your products are used. We can test our additives in your products in order to help find the best solution for your product development.


Brad-Chem has a highly qualified and very experienced technical team with our own laboratory facilities. Moreover, we are highly specialized in corrosion inhibition, and speciality lubricant additive manufacture.

Our unique specialization ensures that we have state-of-the-art technologies available to us that we have developed in-house. Furthermore, we have experience in developing additives for applications across very diverse industry sectors. Consequently, we can quickly adapt our transferable technologies to meet the requirements of new challenges.

If you have an identified R&D need for corrosion control or lubricant additive technology, we can offer solutions specific to your product formulation. We can also make recommendations to help you to achieve a required level of product performance.

Depending on the potential of the project and the need, we can help with your product development. For example, we are able to offer corrosion testing of our corrosion inhibitors in your base formulations. For acid corrosion inhibitors, we can test the MDD weight loss and inhibitor efficiency. We can also perform product stability and some physical properties testing of our lubricant additive packages in your base oils.

We have helped customers to achieve international aerospace, automotive, and rail standards. We also help customers to gain incidental food contact and other approvals for their products. Additionally, we can benchmark customer products made using our additives against alternative products.

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